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In which I vent, but then reconsider and try to see the positives as well, because maybe I’ve been watching too much Oprah*…

Things that annoyed me yesterday:

-My alarm went off at 5:00 A.M. and that seemed to be way too early.

-At work I received a posturing letter from a blowhard attorney that was unnecessarily mean.

-There was no A/C in the train on my way home.

Things that pleased me yesterday:

-A ladybug joined me in the garden during lunch.

-There was a perfect warm breeze.

-Some smart ladies joined my book club, which started again after the summer break, and I’m looking forward to talking with them.

*Actually, I’m lying, I haven’t really watched any Oprah, but that seems like something she would want me to do. Instead of “What Would Jesus Do?” I was thinking more along the lines of “What Would Oprah Do?” Of course, upon further reflection, I should probably not adopt that specific mantra because I can’t really afford to buy new cars for whole rooms of people.