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about me


In which I share little thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain and need someplace warm and inviting to stay…

First things first, but not necessarily in that order:

  1. I e-mailed a friend of mine, who I haven’t seen a few months, to see if he was in town and wanted to grab some lunch. This was his response:
    hey Megan,
    Yeah I am around but I am in writing mode.... I have to finish this paper.
    Let’s do something later in the month or next month.
    Now, my friend has always been pretty good with excuses, but this one really reminded me of that Robert Mankoff cartoon from the New Yorker where the businessman is checking his calendar, while on the phone and says, “No, Thursday’s out. How about never—is never good for you?”

  2. When I get off the train each day, I see this painted sign for Bill’s Oil Service:

    My eyes immediately focus in on this portion of the sign:

    And I can’t help thinking, “Gee, that looks like a happy oil well.”

  3. There is a pile of UPS shipping supplies next to the fax machine at work. While I’m waiting for documents to fax, I end up staring at them. The shipping labels have this great text on them, which states, “Please press hard you are making 3 copies.” Whenever I read that I think, “Wow, you are filling out one form and making three copies, that’s a lot of work.”

    I picture a shipping clerk huddled over a desk in a warehouse somewhere filling out one of these, when someone approaches him to ask a question, he suddenly snaps and, in a Brooklyn accent, says, “Hey, back off buddy, I’m working here – can’t you see I’m making 3 copies!”

    I know what you’re thinking and the answers to your questions are: "Yes, I spend a lot of time faxing things," and "Yes, I am seeking professional help."

    Thanks for your concern.