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In which my diary functions as a HTML-enabled post-it note because pen and paper were so last seasonÖ

I have really been enjoying the following things, which are sort of time sensitive. I want to remember to keep enjoying them before they are no longer available, so Iím going to just jot them down here as little reminder.

  1. Burn Notice

  2. Dick and Juneís Ice Cream stand, which is only open for the summer. They make a mean vanilla malt and their Mississippi mud is to die for (not literally, of course, because then how would you enjoy the ice cream?)

  3. Sierra Nevada Summerfest and Iím also liking Sam Adams Summer Ale.

  4. The Farmersí Market in Marblehead, MA, where I got these fabulous flowers last weekend:

    And trust me when I tell you they are way more fabulous in person than my wee little camera phone can portray.

Even though winter is my favorite season, I have to say that summer does have its perks.