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about me


In which I share some random traveling-related bits of minutia from my life as of late


My Mom sent me a GPS unit because I am hopeless when it comes to directions and always get lost. The thing is amazing. Every time I use it I find new and different cool features. It finds restaurants and parking and gas stations and will probably wash my car, if I asked it nicely.

The most fun thing about it is that you can choose the voice in which it gives you directions. I now have Daniel speaking to me in British English. Its kinda pretentious, but I love it.


I have seen the following interesting bumpers stickers within the past few weeks:

  • Republicans for Voldemort - I got a kick out of this. It reminded me of this contest by Defective Yeti.

  • I made a Real Key Lime Pie in Key West FL - Ummm, okay.

  • Back off: Im a Postal Worker - I deal with a lot of Postal workers and I really appreciated this warning. Im thinking it should be mandated perhaps by the Surgeon General.

  • Id rather be Vacuuming - Seriously? Because there are a lot of things Id rather be doing than sitting in traffic, but I dont think vacuuming is one of them. In fact, given the choice, Id pick gridlock.


Lately Ive been making themed playlists in iTunes. This morning I decided that I should do a traveling themed mix. The lyrics that came to me immediately were, Well we know where were going, but we dont know where weve been. Then, of course, I had to spend 10 minutes in the iTunes store deciding what Talking Heads songs I needed to have on my iPod. That is a dark hole, my friends. So many great choices! I settled for Wild Wild Life, And She Was, Road to Nowhere and Psycho Killer. That was all I had time to download before I had to go to work, but I think its a respectable start.

Plus it was great music for the drive into work. And I think British Daniel enjoys the Talking Heads.