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In which Iím reminded of that famous Winston Churchill (mis)quote...

The cable was turned off at my house. It was turned off because my roommate didnít pay the bill for a few months. When he informed me of this, we had the following conversation:

Him: Yeah, Verizon shut the cable off because I didnít pay the bill. Iím sorry Iím a little short.

Me: [Silence].

Him: But I should be okay by Tuesday.

Me: [Really Confused] What is going to happen between now and Tuesday to change your situation?

Him: Well I start getting paid from my job at the restaurant on Monday, so I shouldnít be short the money to pay the bill anymore. I think I can have the service switched back on by Tuesday.

It was at that point that I realized we were having a little miscommunication.

When he said he was a ďlittle short,Ē he was referring to his temporary state of being short on money.

However, I assumed that he was referring to his permanent state, a la Lady Astor, of being short on BRAIN CELLS!