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In which I share a thought I had while drivingÖ

Iím not in advertising. Most of what I know about advertising comes from watching Darrin on Bewitched; if that gives you any indication of the level of naivetť weíre talking about here. But Iím going to offer my thoughts anyway.

I saw the following truck on the road the other day:

I donít know if you can see it clearly, but the Exxon tiger mascot is right there on the truck in this pose:

Now itís not my business, but if you were marketing lubricant intended for automobiles, would you pair it with a logo of a tiger positioned in such a way that he looks ready to take it up the ass?

Because to me, that product/logo combination seems to suggest some sort of off-label usage that Iím not so sure Exxon meant to promote.