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In which I uncover some strange happenings afoot

Let me just preface this entry by stating that I dont mean to alarm anyone and Im not typically a big conspiracy nut or anything, but there is something happening in my town that is inexplicable and Im about to blow the lid wide open on it people.*

Here it is:

Some person(s) is going around Newton, MA and renting all the copies of the Three Amigos.

Shocking, I know. What kind of sick person does this?

I went to the library on Saturday to borrow the Three Amigos and the only copy was out on loan. Then I went to Blockbuster and their only copy was rented. Then I went to Barnes and Noble and, although they normally stock that movie, their copy was sold.

This must be more than coincidence. I mean what are the odds of that happening? Who on Earth wants to watch that movie except for me? Really, who?

Let me know and Ill bring the popcorn or a light chicken gravy.

*Although I do love conspiracy nuts, so no offense nutty people carry on.