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In which I’m sick, sick, sick…

Thursday morning I woke up with a horrible cold, thanks to my husband, who was out of work most of last week with the same thing. I started taking Sudafed and sucking on some Halls cough drops to try to ease the awful pain in my throat. I spent most of Thursday curled up in bed drifting in and out of consciousness.

Friday morning I had gum surgery that I couldn’t cancel. As I was sitting in the surgeon’s chair with the “pre-Novocain” Q-tips hanging out of my mouth, the dental assistant apologized for the awful taste of the medicine. I realized then that the cough drop taste had masked the disgusting taste of the numbing stuff. Post-surgery I’m taking antibiotics, which the dental staff said may help the cold.

Saturday morning I pulled a muscle in my lower back, which hurt so much I could barely stand up at the time. And I was doing nothing at the time this happened. It was incredibly odd. But luckily the pain killers from the dental surgery are helping with the back problem.

The lesson: when the going gets tough, I turn to drugs in all of their on- and off-label glory. Nancy Regan would be so proud.