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about me


In which I share a surprising eventÖ

Iím a pretty good person to have around following a crisis.

I tend to remain calm and rational. I am able to analyze situations and solve problems well under somewhat stressful circumstances e.g. injuries, getting lost in the woods, near drowning, etc. I attribute part of this ability to lots of training and the other part to my general temperament.

Iím not sharing this to brag, like ďHi, Iím Megan. Iím a Taurus. Iím smart, funny and good in a crisis. Call me.Ē No, Iím sharing this to highlight the fact that, although I excel at handling the after-the-crisis part, historically, I suck at handling the immediately-before-the-crisis part.

Really. Itís bad.

Iíll be riding in the passenger seat of the car when I see a deer about to cross the road and my only reaction will be to point and say, ďoh,Ē while I brake, on my side. And given that Geoff and I donít own a driversí ed type car with dual brakes, I will have done nothing constructive to help prevent the possible collision with the deer. Or, I will get cut-off in traffic, nearly hit, and only after the situation happened will I think, ďMan, that would have been a good time to use my horn, or at least my middle finger.Ē

Never have I had the appropriate gut response at the time a crisis was taking place. That is until yesterday.

Yesterday, I was driving out of the parking lot of the train station and this man started to pull out right in front of me without looking. And do you know what I did? I HONKED AT HIM. I don't even know what came over me. I slammed on my brakes to avoid being hit and my left hand just slapped the horn automatically. After nearly 14 years of driving, I finally used my horn.

I think this may be a big turning point for me. Who knows, I mean, first the horn, maybe next Iíll be riding at dusk on a country road and be able to exclaim, ďDeer, incoming, two oíclock" without hesitation?

This will be like having a superpower. Iíll be Reacts-Appropriately-to-Crises Woman!

Or something like that. Clearly, Iíll have to work on the name.

If finding a moniker were a crisis, I bet I would come up with a good one.