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In which tell you about the healing power of kitchen lights…

Geoff and I have very different tastes in home décor than the previous owner of our condo. When we moved in, these kitchen lights were just some of the “decorative” elements that we agreed had to go:

Main kitchen light

Pendant over the sink

Unfortunately, finding relatively inexpensive lights that we both liked proved nearly impossible. We looked for months with no luck.

For Christmas, my Dad and Debbie got us a Home Depot gift card. With the card burning a hole in our pocket, we decided to take another look at their light selection. Last weekend, to our amazement, we found lights that we liked and that were affordable. With only minor electrical shocks, Geoff installed these in our kitchen:

New main kitchen light

New pendant over the sink

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way they turned out. They are super bright. They match not only each other but also our cabinet hardware, which is really important when you take into account my borderline OCD personality. They are perfect.

They are so perfect that, even though Walter was throwing up in the kitchen today AND we just got a bill for a furnace repair that is upwards of $400 bucks AND I have been trying to get a haircut since December with no success AND Wally desperately needs a bath but I haven’t had time to give him one AND I’ve had an ice pack strapped to my cheek for the past two days because my mouth hurts like hell from some gum surgery I had, I’m still in a pretty good mood.

Because the lights? They match.