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In which I rethink my decision to share with relative strangers...

I was recently conversing with a coworker, who I don't know that well, and shared that I just had a dream in which I tried to do calculus problems. I kept trying to take derivatives and couldn't remember how. I told her how I woke up in a panic because of this.

I'm sure my coworker now thinks I'm a little nuts...or maybe just a big nerd.

Both of those are probably valid conclusions.

But here's the thing that's frustrating: even now that I'm awake, I can't remember how to do derivatives.

Do you know how many semesters of advanced math I had to take as an undergrad? Do you know how much that cost me per credit? Do you know that I am paying roughly $500 per month in school loans right now and I can't remember how to speak Italian or perform linear algebra?

I think Cornell should have some sort of loan forgiveness program in case you find yourself in the situation where your brain has turned to mush 8 years out and you can't remember what you learned, you won't have to keep paying for something you don't have.

Maybe I could take a test to prove that I really don't know this stuff anymore? But how would you study for that prelim?