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In which my years of therapy start paying off...

My husband and I have very different tastes in movies. For example, he likes horror movies, whereas I have good taste.

He is currently watching the cinematic masterpiece Saw III in the living room of our very tiny condo. Although I am in a different room, I still occasionally hear a myriad of loud sawing noises -- the title is apparently not a metaphor -- and loud screams.

Normally this would freak me out as I would imagine all sorts of awful scenes, which could have caused the screaming, and I would have nightmares for weeks.

But not today. Today Iím using some denial to help make the situation bearable for me:

That sawing noise? Yeah, thatís just Geoff watching the This Old House marathon. He just canít get enough of that Bob Villa.

Oh, the screaming? I donít know. There must have been some sort of construction accident. This must be the episode where OSHA gets called in.