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about me


In which I share some snippets of recent conversations I have had…

GEOFF: Are we going to see your friend and her husband over the holidays?
MEGAN: I don’t know. She’s Jewish, so I’m not sure why she’d be in town for Christmas.
GEOFF: Wait, did her husband convert?
MEGAN: I don’t know. Why?
GEOFF: Well that’s gotta suck for him not getting to celebrate Christmas.
MEGAN: I don’t think he cares that much. In the brief encounters you’ve had with him has he given you any indication that he cares about anything other than drinking?
GEOFF: No, but now he has to give up all the good Christmas drinks.
MEGAN: What good Christmas drinks!?!
GEOFF: Spiked egg nog for one. [thinking, then announcing triumphantly,] And Wassail!
MEGAN: Wassail?!? Yeah, I bet he’s broken up about that. But, hey, at least he gets Manischewitz.

While watching the beginning of Beauty and the Geek…

MEGAN: I can’t believe that none of the girls wanted to pick that guy! He has a masters in theology. That’s so cool.
GEOFF: Actually that’s the opposite of cool. You only think it’s cool because you’re a big nerd.

Talking to one of my co-workers about this exchange the next day…

MEGAN: Don’t you think it would be cool to hang out with someone with a masters in theology?
CO-WORKER: Not really. I don’t think I’d have anything to talk about with him.
MEGAN: But think of it this way: you could have amazing conversations and never feel dumb. If you picked one of the math or physics nerds on the show, you could talk about math or physics, but since there are generally answers to questions surrounding those subjects, there is always the potential to say something really dumb. If you were hanging out with the theology guy and he started discussing God, you could just say, “I don’t believe God exists.” And he couldn’t prove you wrong.
CO-WORKER: Well now that you’ve brought that up, I guess I’ll have to rewrite my personal ad: “If you like Pina Coladas, and have a masters in theology…”