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In which I tell you about last Thursday night…

Last Thursday, Geoff's Aunt Deb took me to a fancy dinner and to see the Nutcracker performed by the Boston Ballet. Holy shit was it good!

Granted the last performance of the Nutcracker I saw was by the “Ballet Theater” of Scranton circa 1993, so I expected this one to be, comparatively, a hell of a lot better. But I was in no way prepared for exactly how amazing it would be. Did I mention it was amazing? ‘Cause it was. Amazing.*

We had a great dinner before the show at Avenue One. I’m trying to expand my horizons, so instead of ordering chicken, like I normally would, I ordered the lamb shank with the “asparagus gruyere bread pudding.” Although I really don’t think the words “gruyere” and “pudding” should ever go together, it was tasty. And I had apple-blackberry cobbler for dessert, which was fabulous as well.

Dinner. The ballet. Geoff’s Aunt Deb is such a classy woman and is so amazing to me (and everyone else too). And she does this a lot. And I always have such a fun time.

But I feel a little bit guilty about accepting all of her generosity. I kinda feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. And I don’t even have to put out.** Talk about class!

*Did you know that the Sugar Plum Fairy goes through a pair of pointe shoes during each performance? Again I say, amazing.

**Although with this kind of treatment, I probably would -- well, at least a little over-the-sweater action.