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In which I share what I overheard at the “kids’ table" on Thanksgiving…

My 21-year old cousin was home from college for Thanksgiving break. He was asked the normal 20 questions about his college, his classes, his plans for winter break and, of course, his “long distance” girlfriend. We had the following exchange:

-Yeah, I don’t mind that she’s not around. When she comes to visit it is such a hassle because she always wants to talk n’ stuff.

-And talking is bad?

-Well she never has anything interesting to say.

-It sounds like you need a different girlfriend.

-Eh, well, she bakes though. Yesterday she said she was making me a cheesecake.

-You know you could save yourself all that “hassle” with a hooker and a trip to the Cheesecake Factory.

-No way, hookers are expensive.

At which point my brother-in-law chimed in with the oh-so-helpful quip:

-Not if you know where to get ‘em.

Next year remind me to limit the conversation to how delicious the yams are.