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In which I share another tale from the Chronicles of Walter, the Really Bad Dog…

Walter got into a little scuffle on the playground today.

He and this other Golden, Duke, were “duking” it out over some bread scraps left for the swan that’s been hanging out in our little inlet. I broke up the fight by grabbing Wally’s tail and dragging him away from Duke. Probably not the best move, but I panicked.

The funny party was that, while Wally and Duke were battling, Gus swooped in and ate most of the bread.

Wally walked away with a little bloody lip and Duke seemed fine.

I, on the other hand, nearly had heart failure: this was my little baby boy growling and acting like a big ol’ jerk over day old bread. What the hell?

Even though Geoff and I went to many obedience classes with him, we never taught him that violence solves problems. I’m not sure where he got that idea.

Maybe from the President?

Come to think of it, he has been watching a lot of C-SPAN lately.

That’s it. He’s grounded. No more TV!