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In which I present: Dinner Party Redux...

Geoff and I held a birthday dinner party for eight on Sunday.

And everything turned out well.

And the food was not only edible, but also pretty darn good.

And everyone had a nice time.

And the only little problems were a lack of a centerpiece (since Aunt Allison said she would bring flowers but forgot) and some missing frosting on the birthday cake (made by Aunt Deb and given to Geoff, who set it on the edge of the counter giving Walter, the Really Bad Dog, a chance to taste the yummy chocolate cake).

And neither of the above mentioned problems were my fault.

And all I have to say to all the doubters is this:

You can't match my kung-fu style!
I've got your dinner party right here, bitches!*


*Ummm, hi, yeah, just to clarify: I used "bitches" in this sense to mean anyone. I certainly did not mean to imply that Geoff's aunts are anything but sweet, wonderful people. I just got a little uppity there for a second. Apologies for any misunderstandings.