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In which I blame the patriarchy for my dogs’ failure to win a costume contest because, well, I’m a little crazy…

Saturday was Salem’s Annual Boo-tiful Pet Costume Contest. Sixty dogs entered the contest this year. Prizes were given for categories such as “Best Overall,” “Best Duo/Group,” “Scariest,” “Crowd Favorites,” and “Funniest.” It was a wonderful day, except for one thing: my dogs didn’t win.

Gus and Wally went as “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues a.k.a. The Blues Brothers:

I thought it was a great costume idea. Everyone thought it was funny. Everyone, except the judges, who thought that this was the funniest costume:

All I have to say is that it’s a sick world when good, wholesome costumes portraying felonious blues men are beat out by the mere suggestion of a little T&A.

I still can’t believe Gus and Wally didn’t win any prize. I mean, for Christ sake, they were on a Mission from God!