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In which I discuss my sartorial situationÖ

It is a brisk fall day here in Boston. I had a meeting in Chinatown this morning. As I was leaving my office I said, to no one in particular, "Should I take my jacket with me?" I did.

On the street, the jacket was perfect. On the Orange Line, the jacket was too hot. It is a complete pain to take the jacket on and off for the short ride, plus my bag was already full with files and my computer.

This is a problem. I donít take the subway enough to have devised a good solution. What do you do with your jacket?

Iím going to have to start watching people on the T very closely to figure this out. Or course, then Iíll look like the other subway problem: creepy, staring people.

Hot or creepy? Hmmm, those are just not good options for a Wednesday.