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In which I get a little more like John Nash every single day

I love reading Defective Yeti. I especially enjoyed this post the other day. Not only was the post funny, but it linked to a game Id never played before. And since Im always looking for fun things to pass the time, I gave it a try.

The game is called Funny Farm. The object is to fill in the blank boxes on a flow-chart-esque game board. The game starts off On the Farm, where you have to fill in boxes with things found on a farm: farmer, tractor, cow, etc. From there you fill in things related to each of those items. For example, cow is related to milk, cowboy, mad cow, holy cow, rodeo, etc. Each time you guess a box correctly, it fills in and shows you what it is attached to. If you fill in all the boxes, you get clues to the meta-puzzle. Solve that and you win.

Sounds easy right?

Ahh, no.

This game is as addictive as crack and as frustrating as being a Democrat in the last election. Do you get the evilness that is this game? Its awful. I cant stop playing. Im constantly thinking, What do Penn & Teller and Las Vegas have in common? or What links a textbook with science? Its maddening.

Im about two days away from printing Wikipedia articles about each of the vertices and posting them on the walls around my computer to look for patterns!

Last Saturday, Geoff and I went for breakfast at Reds.* He was looking at the newspaper and I started explaining Funny Farm to him. I went through the whole convoluted explanation, including numerous examples. I then asked him to help me brainstorm the most frustrating question Ive hit so far: What the hell is two words (4 letters in the first, three in the second) and is related to a cow? I said, You can just talk through your suggestions with me and I can tell you if Ive tried them already.

He was quiet for a minute. Two minutes. Three minutes.

Then the conversation deteriorated into a pathetic rendition of Who's on first? like this:

- Geoff?
- What?
- What do you mean what?
- Can you repeat that? I didnt hear what you said.
- Repeat what I just said when?
- Just now.
- You mean the part about the question in the puzzle or the part where words were coming out of my mouth?
- Ummm, yeah, the latter.

Clearly, Im going to have to figure this puzzle out on my own. Maybe I should put A Beautiful Mind on my Netflix queue for research purposes.

*Best breakfast in Salem!